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about aura

About us

Aura Lyon is a fast-emerging private school offering world-class Management Programs.

Built on marketing and management techniques the syllabus is drawn from varied business segments and successful start-ups. The courses are modelled on current-day management disciplines and novel approaches.

Our curricula include operative modules Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Business Management, Finance Management and Banking which have proven to be successful. Our course also includes programs from burgeoning business segments in a buoyant economic climate. We strive to integrate an industry-based system of education that is collaborative and embedded in modern-day management practices. Apart from local students, we welcome students from across the globe. The ethnic diversity and indigenous skill which these eclectic groups bring to our forum widen their global vision and understanding of the global business world. Our students also learn from these multi-culture values apart from their own which helps them to grow as top-class professionals.

The ultimate purpose of this school is to produce quality professionals and facilitate their path-breaking success with their expertise and learnings gained at our institute. Thanks to our excellent internship network and association we deliver methodical and excellent internship programs. Our eminent faculty is hand-picked from the industries that are known for their expertise to create trailblazers of tomorrow.

The future belongs to innovations, we create innovators.


• Our mission is to create thought leaders of tomorrow.
• Fortified with the new-age methodology and corporate dynamics the students will be prepared to make new waves on the global platform.
• To help students imbibe the beauty, art and style of France as a multi-cultural nation.
• To embrace and respect the values and ethos of other nationalities and cultures.


Our vision is to be one of the most renowned Management schools serving to facilitate and bring out the best potential from each student and become an asset to the organisation. The institute strives for each student to make a name on the world platform.

President’s message

Dear Students

Our school is dedicated to accompanying our students on their chosen path to becoming future leaders. To give them the best education our course syllabus is drafted to align with the current market needs, trends, and innovations.

Aura International School of Management, Lyon, offers an excellent educational program for UNDERGRADUATE & POSTGRADUATE levels with a specialization in Business and Hospitality.
We uphold the promise to build a beautiful future for you, and with you, opening the gates of international education and giving you the career and life you deserve.
Our approach is focused on every student’s specific needs. To help you achieve your goals, we have reputed professionals as our faculty members who will help students to transform themselves as per industry requirements. We are a global, ambitious school, and we wish to build future leaders of the world.

Darren Hunt

Aura International School of Management


Our Values



As our approach focuses on the unique skills of each student all our courses are designed around the future of students. We also value each student’s distinct and unique skill sets and hone them. We also pay importance to integrity, trustworthiness and reliability and endeavour to inculcate these fine values in our students.



The core purpose of Aura International School of Management (Aura Lyon) is to build our alumni into self-assured and impactful thought leaders of the future. Our hands-on teaching and inclusive model of communication kindle their thirst for knowledge. Our adoption and application of technologies make a difference for a student to accomplish measurable success.



Our approach is ever-evolving and forward-thinking. We are an assemblage of the intellectual powerhouse of the education sector with our alumni’s best interest at the core of it all. Our professors guide and monitor their students to progress with various management competencies which would be useful in career building.



At Aura Lyon, we are together as a unit! We work as a collective community. With our vision to enrich every student’s life, we impart a valuable global learning perspective. With our hands-on inclusive approach, we believe in delivering ethical, value-based learnings.


Why to choose AURA Lyon ?

Scholarship for students of calibre

Multi-culture environment

One to one student-teacher interaction

SWOT Analysis and Goal Setting

Specialised IT Courses to be updated with technology

Management studies with hands-on commercial skills

Management & Business Games

Industrial visits

Project-based studies

Assistance for internship

Our Team

Darren HUNT


Benjamin Garcia



Placement and Career Manager

Pascal Castel

International Human Ressources Prof.

Eric Bouf

International Hospitality Prof.

Cindy Pineau

International Accounting Prof.

Hervé Vermot-Desroches

French Prof.

Jean Pierre SOTTILI

Leadership Prof.


Marketing & CRM Prof.

Maud Tuncel

Hospitality Management Prof.

Bénédictre Bouvrot

Food Safety Prof.

Arthur Chancel

Intercultural Management & Wine World Prof.

Sami Jdaini

Culinary arts Prof.

Tania Arellano Lauredi

Marketing Prof.

Jaafar Greinch

International Finance Prof.

Jocelyne Brioude

Business Communication Prof.

Weronika Kuziara

Management Prof.

Benjamin BRIOUDE

Logistic & Supply Chain Prof.

Rudy Pompui

Codes and Etiquette Prof.

Marcello Di Furia

Int. Business Development Prof.

Jerome Mativon

Int. Marketing & Cross Cultural Management

Baptiste Cordier

CRM / Marketing Prof.

Pascal Odin

Taxation & Finance Management Prof.

Philippe Gollotte

Int. Development & Admissions Manager


Admissions Manager

Ankita Daryani

Admissions Manager India

Aruna Bandanadam

Process & Training Manager

Any more questions ?

Feel free to write us a mail !